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Hi, I'm Carissa

Having completed a 10-week Bootcamp for UX Design, that experience taught me an in-depth knowledge of the human-centered design process and how important it is to consider every little detail while researching and designing a product. I learned that a strong foundation in research produces a higher quality product. It taught me to listen to users to figure out how to solve a problem.

Coming from a background in fashion, my experiences have taught me to persevere with a project until it looks and feels fabulous. I am trained to work hard and fast while producing a stellar product. I have experience coordinating with various teams, including vendors overseas to get the job done.

A UX/UI Product Designer based out of Los Angeles

How did I get into UX Design?

Working in fashion, I always loved using computerized design tools, have always been passionate about research, and I love making a product look and feel good. I want to do good in the world by making humans lives easier through intuitive and delightfully functional design.

Other Things...

For fun, I like to cook, read, walk my dog, and work with my balcony and indoor plants. I have a Meyer Lemon tree that brings me joy (and occasionally, lemons!). I also love doodling on my iPad and learning new things.

Currently, I’m settled in the heart of Hollywood but am originally from Oooooklahoma.


I lived in Brazil for a year with 2 wonderful host families and learned Portuguese by being immersed in it. Oh, and I also met my husband there. 


Having worked with a small research group for 5 years, we developed a patent for a new process of upcycling fabric.



The Design of Everyday Things 

Don’t Make Me Think

Tragic Design

The Lean Startup





Daily UI

Sketching on iPad

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